Guide On How to Screen Real Estate in Turkey Before Purchase

Guide On How to Screen Real Estate in Turkey Before Purchase

Researching real estate in Turkey is important before you settle down in any of its cities or towns. Verification of the title of the house for sale from Istanbul, Fethiye, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum or other regions is important. If there is a title deed, it needs to be checked as well. The land registry office details should also be in the clear when there are any records concerned like attachments, access, liens etc. This causes the value of the property to reduce, and whether any aspect prevents transfer of the title.

1 Check the Property Management Plan 

If one is purchasing a place where construction or freehold apartment ownership has been established, the management plan needs to be examined. The management plan is accepted when one purchases property. If one is unable to reach the title information, the seller needs to bring a freshly dated title deed showing the obligations and rights attached to every property. If the place one has purchased is already created, it has a construction project at the municipality or land registry directorate. Examining the construction project is important. You need to check the position on the ground is consistent with the project.

2 Checking the Sales Protocol

The protocol needs to be in copies, with one remaining with the purchaser and the other with a seller. The terms of sale need to be agreed on in this protocol and signs with the seller. The deposit should not exceed the sales price agreed.

3 Check With the Registry Directorate

Form the directorate of the land registry, you need to consider whether the residential or commercial property has its paper in order. If one has to take freehold apartment ownership status, it is necessary to obtain occupancy permit and there are certain formalities to meet and expenses needed to make the transition.

The land survey directorate needs to be evaluated and the map of the property one wishes to purchase needs to be considered.

4 Carry Out Research 

Before arriving at the final sale agreement, you need to research the property value by asking around. Research prices by checking the places for sale in the region. Reaching an agreement on land registry expenses are needed.

In the ultimate analysis, document and paperwork needs to be in order. The end result is a property with a clear title and a reliability you can trust. If you opt for real estate for sale in Istanbul or any other part of the country, you need to do your homework. Check out the real estate in Istanbul at Sattigitti where you can access quality property listings

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